As a locally-owned and operated pest control company in 北卡罗来纳州东部和沿海地区, we have spent more than 40 years providing effective pest treatments to homeowners and business owners. Our team is proud to provide residential pest control services from our seven conveniently-located offices in Eastern North Carolina. 华体会体育网页版将为您提供以下服务:

家中有一群有翅膀的昆虫或丢弃的翅膀, 外墙上的泥管, hollow-sounding木, or wood with cracked or distorted paint are just a few of the tell-tale signs of a termite infestation.


Our 华体会体育网页版 exterminators are trained and equipped to provide you with the safest, most effective mosquito treatments available on the market today. We will perform routine treatments to address breeding areas in order to ensure that current mosquito populations are reduced and future populations are kept at bay.


因为跳蚤太小了, they can be extremely hard to locate and eradicate without help from a professional pest control company. Pet owners are often the most susceptible to flea infestations, and certain changes in your pet’s behavior or physical appearance can be the first and most obvious sign of a flea problem in your home. 症状包括过度抓挠, 红的皮肤, 损失的皮毛, 皮肤上有黑色或红色的粪便, 或者在毛皮上看到昆虫. Other signs include finding fleas on your own skin or on carpets, rugs and other textile surfaces. 跳蚤只有2岁左右.5 mm in length, and their bodies are black and flat without wings.


Even the newest and cleanest homes can be susceptible to this tiny pest, as they are easily transferred from place to place on infested luggage, 钱包, 鞋子, 服装, 家具和更多. 尽管床虱通常很难被发现, they are visible to the naked eye and can also be identified by red, itchy bites on the skin; molted bed bug skins along the mattress, 床头床尾后面, 在校正, 等.; fecal spots on bedding, mattresses, and carpeting; and live and hatched bed bug eggs. 华体会体育网页版 is one of the few exterminators offering bed bug heat treatments in Eastern North Carolina. We use large electric heaters and generators specifically designed for the purpose of 100% bed bug elimination. 加上哈克和克里斯, 华体会体育网页版的犬辅助臭虫检查组, you can rest assured that all bed bugs – both living and their eggs – will be found and eradicated. 华体会体育网页版 is one of the only pest control companies in eastern North Carolina that offers canine detection services ensuring the highest level of bed bug detection that can be offered.


蟑螂不仅具有令人难以置信的弹性, but they also carry a multitude of germs and diseases that can be harmful to you and your family. Other unfortunate side effects of a cockroach infestation include allergies, 哮喘, 和食品污染.


虽然蚂蚁通常在外面筑巢, they will still come inside your home to scavenge if they’ve discovered an opening — and if there is food or water to be found. 蚁群可以发展到数万只蚂蚁, although the worker ants are typically the only ones you’ll find in your home.


啮齿动物传播疾病,迅速繁殖,并破坏家园. 在华体会体育网页版, we utilize only humane rodent control methods to safely and effectively remove these pests from your living spaces. 一旦华体会体育网页版完成, we’ll close up any pest entry points in and around your home to keep rodents from returning.
We specialize in removing and preventing infestations of house mice, Norway Rats and Roof Rats. Each type of rodent has unique tell-tale signs of infestation, 并且必须以特定的方式加以控制. Knowing which is infesting the home is important to providing effective treatment. We charge extra for Roof Rats because they require more work to control due to daily visits to homes to check traps. 屋顶鼠在莫尔黑德市更常见, 松树诺尔海岸, 绿宝石岛, 大西洋海滩, 哈克的岛, Swansboro和杰克逊维尔.


带刺的昆虫很少螫人,除非受到刺激, 但是黄蜂, bee or hornet infestation at your home can still be disconcerting. Our 华体会体育网页版 team is experienced in eliminating bumble bees, 木匠蜜蜂, 蜜蜂, 黄蜂, 泥涂抹工具, 黄蜂, 和黄色的夹克.


Although most spiders 华体会体育网页版 deals with are perfectly harmless, not all of them are. 事实上, North Carolina is home to two of the world’s deadliest spiders — the black widow and the brown recluse. 华体会体育网页版治疗的蜘蛛都是无毒的, 红房子蜘蛛, 房子的黑蜘蛛, 巨大的房子蜘蛛, 南方的房子蜘蛛, 家里最常见的蜘蛛, 还有家蜘蛛. 除了, 华体会体育登录 offers TAP insulation installation and moisture control solutions (including crawl space encapsulation). These services help get rid of pests and provide other benefits to you and your family, 包括改善空气质素, 更低的能源账单等等. If you’re interested in a free commercial extermination services estimate from 华体会体育网页版, 打电话给华体会体育网页版 和华体会体育网页版的客户服务代表谈谈.


Crawl space encapsulation could be the best way to treat your moisture problem. 通过创造一个封闭的爬行空间, 房主通常会看到能源成本显著降低, 以及更少的华体会体育网页版和霉病.



商业客户有独特的华体会体育网页版防治需求. Any pest infestation – no matter how big or small – could ruin your reputation, 使你失去客户, 或导致严重的法律问题. 40多年了, 华体会体育网页版与军事基地合作, 办公大楼, 仓库, 酒店, 公寓, condo buildings and other commercial and industrial facilities to help them resolve any pest problems in a timely and effective manner.



At 华体会体育登录, no home pest infestation is too big or small for our skilled exterminators. With an extensive background in entomology and Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we know how to eliminate pest problems in your home and keep pests from returning in the future.